On April 19, envelope with commemorative stamp “The 175th birth anniversary of A.M. Opekushin (1838-1923), sculptor” is issued


Aleksandr Mikhailovich Opekushin (1838-1923) is a russian painter, monumentalist, full member of the Academy of Arts and the Empire Archeological commission, academician of sculpture.

Opekushin took part in creation of the monument “Millenium of Russia” in Novgorod (1859-1862) as well as in the work under the monument of Ekaterina II in Saint-Petersburg (1862-1873). He has created together with sculptor M.O. Mikeshin and architect D.N. Chichagov two pair sculptural compositions “Volga” and “Oil” for the All-Russian industrial exhibition.

The envelope with commemorative stamp depicts the portrait of A.M. Opekushin, the monument to the Governor-General Earl N.N. Muraviev-Amursky in Khabarovsk (the biggest monument in size in the pre-revolutionary Russia: sculpture’s total height with postament is almost 16 meters).       

Design: A. Moscovets.

Denomination: littera “A”

Circulation: 1 million copies.

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