On April 1, postage stamp “The 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Algeria” is issued

Diplomatic relations have been established between USSR and Algeria on March 1962, 1962 when Algeria has proclaimed its independence, stopped being a French colony. In arrears a stable foundation of friendship and mutually advantageous links has been laid by common efforts, an active political dialogue is being maintained. The Declaration on Strategic partnership in the fields of culture, science, education, sport, tourism and archives has been signed between the countries, the agreement on creation of the Joint intergovernmental Russia-Algeria commission on trade and economic, science and research cooperation and so on has been concluded.  

The postage stamp depicts symbolically a globe against the background of flags of Russian and Algeria.

Design: Kh. Betredinova

Denomination: 10 rubles.

Size of stamp: 42х30 mm, size of stamp sheet: 146х170 mm.

Form of issue: sheet of 15 (3х5) stamps.

Circulation: 300 thousand stamps (20 thousand sheets)    

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