On March 22, envelope with commemorative stamp “The 100th birth anniversary of N.V. Bogoslovsky (1943-2004), composer, the People’s Artist of the USSR” is issued


Nikita Vladimirovich Bogoslovsky is one of the most outstanding domestic composers, conductors, pianists and men of  letters. He is the People’s Artist of the USSR (1983). Bogoslovsky composed symphonic and chamber music, compositions for the musical theatre, song and soundtracks of films and animations, variety and radio shows,

Since 1937 Bogoslovsky has taken an active part in movies, he has written more than 300 songs: “I Dreamed of You Three Years” (movie “A Major Life”), “Lovely city” (movie “Fighters”), “Dark night”, “Scows Full of Mullet” (movie “Two Soldiers”). There are also the opera “Salt”, music lyric drama “The Show” and “A Woman Stranger”, musical comedy “Sea spread wide”, “Spring in Moscow”, “Eleven unknown persons”, symphonic novel “Vasily Terkin”

Bogoslovsky was an anchorman. He was elected as a member of the Composers’ Union of the USSR (1976-1980), a member of the Filmmakers' Union of the USSR (1981-1985), a member of the Union of theatrical figures.

The envelope with commemorative stamp depicts a portrait of N.V. Bogoslovsky and his facsimile are on the stamp and the composer at the piano is on the principal image.

Design: S. Ulyanovsky.

Denomination: letter «А».

Circulation: 1 million copies.

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