On February 28, envelope with commemorative stamp “The 150th birth anniversary of V.I. Vernadsky (1863-1945), scientist, naturalist” is issued Vernadsky Vladimir Ivanovich (1863-1945) is a russian scientist, naturalist and sophist.

In 1885 he graduated from the faculty of physics and mathematics of the Saint Petersburg’s Empire University. During 1898-1911 he was a professor of the Moscow University. He was an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1912), a member-founder and the first president of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences (1918-1919), director of the State radium institute (1922-1939), organizer and director of the Biogeochemical laboratory of the UUSR Academy of Sciences (1928-1945), member of a range of foreign academies and laureate of the USSR State Prize (1943).

Vernadsky has created new science – biogeochemistry. The works of Vernadsky have been enriched the scientific view of the world with a range of dialectic conclusions and positions, have been played a significant role in formation of contemporary scientific world view. On the philosophic grounds Vernadsky’s world view had a materialistic and dialectic character.        

Envelope with commemorative stamp illustrates portrait of V.I. Vernadsky, covers of his scientific works “Biosphere”, “Experience of descriptive mineralogy”, “Chemical structure of the Earth’s biosphere and its surroundings”, a crystal of topaz in albite.  


Design: A. Povarihin

Circulation: 1 million copies


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