On October 5th, souvenir sheet with one stamp dedicated to the end of the building of gas pipeline “Nord Stream“ is issued


In 2012 the construction of a new export route for delivering Russian gas to Europe – gas pipeline “Nord Stream” which has connected the Baltic Sea coast of Russia near Vyborg with the Baltic coast of Germany near Greifswald.

The stamp depicts a photo from the building ground of the gas pipeline “Nord Stream”, pipe laying vessel Castro Sei. On the fields of the souvenir sheet is the symbol of the project - the picture of A. Meller "Catherine I» (1712). This portrait is written in Greifswald (Germany), precisely here the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" was built.


Design:R. Komsa.

Denomination: 40 rub.

Size of souvenir sheet: 113х88 mm, size of stamp: 50x37 mm.

Circulation: 85 thousand copies.

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