Preview of stamps to be issued in October



On October 1, stamp "100 years of shipbuilding plant ”Severnaya verf” is issued.

The shipbuilding plant “Severnaya Verf” was founded in 1912 as Putilovskaya shipbuilding verf. The first ships were already laid in 1913. During 1914-1918 the plant repaired ships, refitted steamers, produced ammunition. From 1920s passenger and cargo ships were built here, the equipment for various branches of industrial, agricultural and construction machinery were manufactured. In 1930s the Verf built destroyers and frigates, and during the Great Patriotic War - barges for Ladoga military fleet were made, carriages and shields for canons, artillery grounds and missiles were manufactured. In the postwar years, the plant has released the sea and river cargo, passenger and fishing vessels and etc. At present JSC Shipbuilding plant «Severnaya Verf» is one of the leading enterprises of the Russian defense industry.

The stamp depicts an anchor in the background of the ship, standing in the dock.

Design: A. Povarihin.

Denomination: 15 rub.

Size of stamp: 37x37 mm.

Form of issue: sheet of 9 (3x3) stamps.

Circulation: 333 thousand copies. (37 thousand sheets).


On October 5, souvenir sheet with one stamp dedicated to the “End of construction of the “Nord Stream” pipeline” is issued.



On October 5, souvenir sheet with one stamp dedicated to the “End of construction of the “Nord Stream” pipeline” is issued.

In 2012 the construction of a new export route for delivering Russian gas to Europe – gas pipeline “Nord Stream” which has connected the Baltic Sea coast of Russia near Vyborg with the Baltic coast of Germany near Greifswald.

The stamp depicts a photo from the building ground of the gas pipeline “Nord Stream”, pipe laying vessel Castro Sei. On the margins of the souvenir sheet is the symbol of the project - the picture of A. Meller "Catherine I» (1712). This portrait is written in Greifswald (Germany), precisely here the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" was built.


Design:R. Komsa.

Denomination: 40 rub.

Size of souvenir sheet: 113х88 mm, size of stamp: 50x37 mm.

Circulation: 85 thousand copies.


On October 10, stamp “The 500th anniversary of Russia’s regular border service in Russia”



Russian border service has begun from May 16, 1512, when Vacily III, Grand Duke of Moscow, has approved the “Order to the Ugrian voivods” – the first Russian charter of the border service.

The stamp depicts a boundary pillar, crossed rifles and sabres, along the circle there is a wreath of oak and laurel branches which are in the background of the map of the Russian Federation pained painted in colors of the State flag. 


Design:A. Povarihin.

Denomination: 13 rub.

Size of stamp: 42x30 mm.

Form of issue: sheet (5x3) of 11 stamps and 4 coupons.

Circulation: 341 thousand copies (31 thousand sheets).



On October 15, envelope with an original stamp “Mascots of the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014”



On October 15, envelope with an original stamp “Mascots of the XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014”

The mascots of the Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014 which have been chosen by the Paraolympic champions were a Ray of light and a Snowflake.

The Ray of light was flown to the Earth from the planet where it is always hot and the Snowflake is from the ice planet. Their appearance was very different from the inhabitants of the Earth, but the more Ray of light and Snowflake communicated with the inhabitants of the Earth, the more they realized how similar they were. An amiable Ray of light was always happy to help and support others. People have taught him to ski and how to ski from the mountains. The Snowflake has also made friends with the Earth’s inhabitans. Together with the Ray of light they invented new kind of sports as kerling wheelchair and sledge hockey on ice. At first people watched with admiration for their achievements, and then they liked themselves these kind of sports.


Design: O. Ivanova.

Circulation: 500 thousand copies



On October 17, postcard with an original stamp “The 125th birth anniversary of V.N. Pashennaya (1887-1962), actress” is issued



The postcard with an original stamp depicts a portrait of V.N. Pashennaya, the scene from the spectacle “Vassa Zheleznova”.


Design: A. Moscovets.

Circulation: 12 thousand copies


On October 19, stamps of the series “The XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014. Winter Olympic Sports”


The issue of 2012 is dedicated to the six kinds of sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, skeleton, luge and freestyle.

XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi will be a real celebration of sport. More than 5,500 athletes and team members from over 80 countries come to Sochi in 2014. The competitions within the framework of the Olympic Games will be held from 7 to 23 February 2014, will be contested 98 sets of medals.

Luge is one of the most extreme Olympic winter sports. It involves sliding at high speeds on single- or two-person sleds on a specially built track with artificial freezing of ice. The athlete starts in a sitting position and after the pushing off the participant lies supine. The sled is steered by changing the athlete’s center of gravity.

Design:A. Drobyshev.

Denomination: 25 rub.

Size of stamp: 37x37 mm.

Form of issue: sheets with illustrated margins of 8 stamps (3х3) and coupons.

Circulation: 880 thousand copies (110 thousand sheets) of each stamp.


Skeleton is a descent down a special track with artificial freezing ice in a skeleton (a sled with tubular sledges on a reinforced frame). Olympic skeleton competition lasts for two days. Each athlete runs four times. The winner is the one whose total time (in all four runs) is minimal.

Alpine skiing – The program of the Olympic Alpine competition consists of downhill, slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and super combined – all of them involve both men and women. The peculiarities of the competitions are defined by the characteristics of tracks – such as length, trajectory and distance between “the gates”.

Speed skating – In the speed skating the athletes should overcome a specified distance as fast as possible. The classical length of the rink is 400 m. The program of speed skating at the Olympic Games consists of ten individual distances and two team pursuits.

Snowboarding is a discipline of the skiing. The program of snowboard at the Olympic Games consists of half-pipe, parallel giant slalom, boarder-cross as well as new kinds of competitions in the Olympic program – slope style and parallel slalom. 10 sets of medals are contested among the men and women altogether.

Freestyle is one of the disciplines of skiing. The program of freestyle at the Olympic Games consists of moguls, aerials, ski cross, half-pipe and slope style. The half-pipe and slope style were added to the Olympic program in 2011. Both men and women participate in each kind of competitions.



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