On September 21, postage stamp “National costumes. Joint issue of the Communications Administrations of the RCC member states” is issued.


Russian national costume has been used since ancient times to the present day. It has features which depend on the region. Russian national costume is characterized by a great amount of clothing. Clothing is divided into shuffled on and buttoned. The first type was worn over the head; second one was cut from top to bottom and fastened with hooks or buttons.


The stamp depicts the inhabitants of Vologda gubernia in ceremonial attire: a young man dressed in festive attire and girl in clothes of promised in marriage, as well as emblem of the RCC.


Design: V. Beltyukov (stamp), H. Betredinova (decoration of fields)

Denomination: 15 rub.

Size of stamp: 37x50 mm.

Form of issue: sheet with illustrated margins of 12 (4x3) stamps

Circulation: 360 thousand copies (30 thousand sheets)


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