On September 7, three postage stamps of the series "Outstanding Lawyers of Russia" are issued

The stamps depict portraits of G.R. Derzhavin, A.F. Koni and M.M. Speranski against the background of moire ribbon - a pillar of the law.



Anatoly Koni was lawyer, judge, statesman and public figure, a prominent forensic orator, privy councilor, member of the State Council of the Russian Empire.


Mikhail M. Speransky headed the department in the Interior Ministry, which was responsible for development of projects of state reforms. With the establishment of the State Council Speranski became Secretary of State, the most influential officials in Russia, second person in the state after the emperor.


Design: R. Komsa.

Denomination: 15 rub.

Size of the stamp: 37x37 mm.

Product: sheet with illustrated margins (3x3) of 8 stamps and coupon.

Circulation: 288 thousand copies of each stamp (36 thousand sheets).


Gavrila R. Derzhavin was actively involved in the suppression of the revolt of Pugachev, was governor of Olonets and Tambov provinces. Catherine II appointed Derzhavin her Secretary of State. In the reign of Alexander I, when seven first Russian ministries were founded, Gavrila Derzhavin became the first Minister of Justice.


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