Products devoted to the anniversary of K.A. Korovin is issued on November 21

Products devoted to the anniversary of the brightest representatives of Russian impressionism, painter and theater decorator Konstantin Korovin is issued on November 21:


Souvenir sheet of one stamp "The 150th birth anniversary of K.A. Korovin (1861-1939)"


Souvenir sheet depicts a portrait of K.A. Korovin drawn by V.A. Serov and a painting of the artist himself "Moskvoretsky Bridge" that demonstrates a wide perspective of the capital buildings, above which the monuments of ancient architecture rise.


Offset, partial varnish.
Design: A. Ivanov.
Denomination: 45 rub.
Size of stamp: 50x42 mm; size of souvenir sheet: 105x77 mm.
Circulation: 90 000 souvenir sheets.


First Day Cover:

Circulation - 8500


First day postmarks:

Places of cancellation - Moscow, St. Petersburg


Souvenir packs in cover:

Three-fold cover, size – 125x230 mm.

Filling: souvenir sheet of one stamp in stripes, FDC with cancellation (size 220x110 mm).


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