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        Production of stamps-vignettes can be classified as branding advertising. The stamp-vignette can be used as original memorable souvenir for clients of your company at the opening of new branch, on celebrating of anniversary of the company, as an original celebratory gift, etc. 

       At your request, stamps-vignettes can be decorated in souvenir frames of any format with a baguette of different textures, folders and booklets in your corporate style, VIP-cases. Vignette can also be decorated with a corporate card or an envelope. More details about decoration you can find in section «Souvenir production» 

       Non-postage stamp-vignette is not a sign of post payment and has no face value, therefore it cannot be used for sending post correspondence. However memorable cancellation of stamp -vignette by a souvenir cancellation mark can add solemnity and diversify the official part of your corporate event.  

Samples of souvenir stamps-vignettes


       Concerning production of stamps-vignettes you can contact the Department of the international cooperation and development of philately of JSC “Marka” by phone +7(499) 254-61-49 or e-mail office@marka-art.ru